Optimized NL Dual-Quad-Core Dedicated Servers

Unlock unmatched performance with our optimized NL Dual-Quad-Core dedicated servers. Elevate your streaming business with reliable power and speed.



Empowering your offshore dedicated server needs with our comprehensive offerings.
Server Hardware

High-performance hardware with various CPU options (Intel, AMD), Flexible RAM configurations to meet different performance needs, Choice of SSD and HDD storage for speed and capacity.

Network Connectivity

Gigabit or higher network speeds for fast data transfer, Redundant network connections for increased reliability, Diverse network paths to ensure minimal downtime.

Security Features

DDoS protection to safeguard against distributed attacks, Firewalls and intrusion detection systems for network security, Regular security audits and vulnerability assessments.

Technical Support

24/7 technical support for prompt issue resolution, Experienced support team with expertise in server management, Ticketing system, live chat, and phone support options.


Explore our comprehensive Premium Server Packages - an all-in-one solution for optimal performance, reliability, and scalability. Unlock advanced features and unparalleled support for a seamless server experience. Choose excellence with our Premium Server Packages.


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  • 2x INTEL Xeon L5630
  • 4C / 8T - 3.2 Ghz
  • 32GB DDR3 ECC
  • 4x 1TB SATA II
  • 1 Gbits Dedicated Port
  • 100TB Traffic
  • 1 IP
  • All Windows And Linux OS Allow
  • P410 Raid
  • Netherlands (SmartDC)


Starting At €99.00/m


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€99/Month when you renew*
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  • 2x INTEL Xeon E5620
  • 4C / 8T - 3.2 Ghz
  • 16GB DDR3 ECC
  • 2x 1TB SATA II
  • 1 Gbits Dedicated Port
  • 100TB Traffic
  • 1 IP
  • All Windows And Linux OS Allow
  • P410 Raid
  • Netherlands (SmartDC)


Get answers to common queries about our Offshore Dedicated Server solutions. Discover the benefits of enhanced privacy, security, and performance while exploring seamless migration and expert 24/7 support.

Offshore dedicated servers are hosting solutions located in a different country from your own, offering benefits such as enhanced privacy, security, and often favorable legal jurisdictions.

Offshore dedicated servers provide benefits such as data privacy, reduced risk of local legal disputes, potential tax advantages, and access to global markets.

Offshore dedicated servers often offer comparable performance to local servers, with the added benefits of advanced infrastructure, lower latency, and enhanced connectivity to diverse global networks.

Server Trafficweb's offshore dedicated servers come with advanced security measures including firewalls, regular security audits, and optional DDoS protection, ensuring the safety of your data.

Absolutely. Offshore dedicated servers are an excellent choice for international businesses seeking to establish a global online presence while adhering to data privacy regulations and optimizing connectivity.

Yes, Server Trafficweb provides a selection of offshore data center locations, allowing you to choose the location that best suits your target audience and compliance needs.

Our managed dedicated server hosting solutions are customized to meet the specific requirements of businesses. We offer flexible resource allocation, scalable options for growth, and personalized support to ensure optimal server performance. Our solutions are designed to support businesses of all sizes and industries.

Offshore dedicated servers provide flexibility by allowing businesses to customize their server configurations and allocate resources based on their needs. They are also cost-effective compared to traditional hosting options, with affordable plans and cheap unlimited hosting options available.

Windows dedicated server hosting offers powerful solutions for businesses, especially those that rely on Microsoft applications and technologies. It provides compatibility, performance, and scalability, enabling businesses to leverage the full potential of Windows software and tailor their server environment accordingly.